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Xomox’s Piotr in NYC 1/2 Marathon

The 13-mile Half Marathon race began at 7:30 a.m. Sunday March 16th, with estimated 21,000 runners. Among running men and women was Xomox’s one and only – Piotr Swiderski, who so far manages not to miss any important events throughout the year to secure himself a place in the upcoming 2014 NYC Marathon.


The race started with a loop through Central Park went through Times Square and down the West Side Highway to Battery Park. The conditions weren’t most inviting and pleasant – rather low temperature of only 31 F, moderate wind of 18 mph, and 40% humidity, but didn’t discourage 20 790 running professionals and enthusiasts from finishing the race. Among those who finished the half marathon were 9,781 men and 11,009 women. You probably wouldn’t expect to find out that among those who finished, were also 9 women over 70 years old, and 2 over the age of 80 (32 men over 70, but none over 80).
Congratulations to all the actual ‘old sports’ out there!


Piotr finished 1558th of all runners and 247th among 3,650 men and women in his age group. You can find the link with the official result here

Finishing Time:

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