Laser Welding

Laser welding is a modern procedure that has revolutionized permanent or temporary connection of platinum, gold or silver. Although traditional welding/soldering still provides the strongest bond between Nobel metals it usually requires heating of the entire object with a torch, which has its own challenges resulting in object overheating, oxidation, increased porousness, evaporation of metal, or potential destruction of the design and the stones around it. Laser welding is a practical alternative and is extremely useful. A concentrated electromagnetic wavelength is focused on a specific part of an object, in a split second, repetitive pulses of powerful beam of light create enough heat to efficiently fuse adjacent metal parts.


Our experienced technicians can successfully apply it to many potential applications including :
Jewelry repair & restoration
• Sizing of rings
• Casting surface preparation
and elimination of porosity
• Re tipping of prongs, bezel, channel settings
• Welding of hollow jewelry
• Spot and seem welding
• Optical frames
• Medical tools repair
• Metal molds corrections
• Connection of small chain links
• Temporary assembly of intricate parts before soldering
• Permanent welding of necklaces or bracelet connections
• Affixing of two different alloys (although not recommended but possible)
• Surface texturing, etc.