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Piotr in Bronx 10-mile

The 10-mile Bronx Marathon race began at 7:30 a.m. Sunday September 27th, with nearly 10,000 runners. Among running men and women was Xomox’s one and only – Piotr Swiderski, who so far manages not to miss any important events throughout the year and already secured himself a place in the next year’s 2016 NYC Marathon.

Fans cheered on family and friends who raced along the 16.1 kilometers. Ayele Megersa Feisa of the West Side Runners crossed the finish line first in 48:18 (previous men’s event record from 50:33) and Salome Kosgei of the Westchester Track Club set a new women’s event record in 56:57.


Piotr finished 413rd out of 9,349 runners and 68th among 1,354 men and women in his age group.

Weather: 56 F/ 75% hum/ 10 mph

Finishing Time:
Pace per Mile

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