Wax Carving

Wax carving is the traditional modeling technique extensively used at our company before inception of CAD and 3D printing. Strictly related to manual dexterity and experience level of the involved artisan (Model Maker). Using wax as a modeling media allows for versatility and forgive-ability that is not present in any other method. Instead, a highly skilled craftsman uses wide array of carving tools to create the intricate and precise framework for an end product. This gives each of our clients a touchable reality of their jewelry – its real-world size, appearance and fit.
When completed, the wax carving is placed inside a flask and is covered with liquid plaster investment to create a casting mold. The wax is then incinerated away through the lost-wax process to leave only a concavity behind. Later, this becomes a template into which molten metal is poured to create almost exact replica of the original carving.