Laser Engraving

Laser engraving, or “etching”, is a non-contact technique that removes the surface material of an object to create a permanent image. In contrast to traditional engraving, laser engraving is appropriate for not only soft metals such as silver or gold, but also for harder surfaces such as rings, bracelets, earrings and watches. Furthermore, laser engraving can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces due to its intensive precision. Most importantly, this procedure leaves the engraved product damage-free.
Laser engraving can be universally applied. Branding is an important part of distinguishing one’s company and product from others – for jewelry production, the marker’s mark and precious metal mark are needed on every piece, and it is important to have a clear, clean engraving. However, for our private clients, we offer personalization suitable for life milestones, including births, anniversaries, and weddings, with a mix of messages available from dates to names.

Any font, vector image or language can be laser engraved or laser marked by Xomox, and we engrave all metal surfaces, including precious and non-precious metals (i.e. steel, aluminum, copper, gold and silver).

Jewelry Engraving

rings | pendants | earrings | bracelets | etc.
Personalize your jewelry!
We engrave messages in all languages, custom symbols & designs.
Need help with engraving ideas? Click here for inspiration

moon_of_my_life     one_true_sm     My Everything
I love you bracelet     you are my sun...     handwritten initials
fingerprint engraving outside     light_engraving

chinese symbol engraving1

Custom Laser Engraving & Etching

tablets | cell phones | watches | tools | pens | silverware | etc.
Customize your favorite gadget!

bracelet_strip_sm     cup_engrv     watch_engraving


Speciality Engravings

on nearly every type of metal.
Turn your everyday objects into unique pieces
or preserve memories of extraordinary events!

Need your marathon medal engraving? Click here for info

Engraving on metal switch plate     ing nyc2014 marathon medal     basic lock engraved with company name
multi tool engraved     deep_engraving_chi_rho_symbol     lighter_engraved
chalice_engraving     IMG_4567     fired_bullet

multi tools engraved

Custom Mold Engraving

Precision mold deep laser engraving

mold1     mold2     mold3    mold4

Deep Engraving

up to .7 mm
in platinum, silver and copper.

deep laser engraving