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Xomox is your New York Wedding & Bridal Jewelry source

Xomox Jewelry Inc. is probably one of New York’s best kept secrets when it comes to wedding and bridal jewelry. Some say “it’s a little piece of NY’s jewelry heaven” right next to Times Square. Only those who strive for the highest quality of the end product and assurance of structural soundness for generational longevity will truly appreciate Xomox’s craftsmanship.


We realize how emotionally attaching and sentimental a piece of jewelry can be. Our company is dedicated to handling each individual project with meticulous care and attention – whether it comes to us from a creative individual, starting jewelry designer or a world famous jewelry house.Our combined strength of collective creativity, extensive knowledge, and passion of our experienced professional staff, allows us to complete any jewelry project by merging the oldest conventional techniques with twenty-first century equipment and technology.


The symbol of a lasting commitment to love and marriage, the eternity band, features an unbroken circle of diamonds or gemstones. XOMOX Jewelry has been manufacturing eternity bands since our doors opened; we’ve made every form, metal and style. To date, our most popular models include: channel-set, prong-set, semi-eternity, pave-set, gemstone and multi-row.

This flexibility is only made possible by our combination of both contemporary and traditional jewelry making processes. For instance, bands’ blanks are prepared from extruded tube using a CNC metal lathe whereas mountings are handmade with shaped diamond cutting tools. The result of such preparation:
a band that lasts an eternity.