Jewelry Care


Keep it separately
To avoid scratching & entanglement, while preserving luster, store your jewelry apart, so that it doesn’t move around. There are various ways to achieve it. Velvet lined jewelry boxes are ideal, but any box lined with a soft fabric will suffice, as long as you place your pieces in the individual compartments. You may also consider soft pouches.

Prevent from tarnishing
When not worn for a longer period of time, jewelry tarnishes. Store jewelry in air tight containers and simply place anti-tarnish strips to absorb the oxidants that discolor jewelry. You can also store silver in plastic bags with an interlocking seal, for it to be less prone to tarnish. Moisture absorbents such as silica desiccant packets will additionally help prevent tarnishing.
pearls and opals, should be stored in fabric (pouch or soft lined box) because they need to breathe

Common stones that are damaged in sunlight:
Amethyst becomes paler
Ametrine may change color
Aquamarine becomes paler
Aventurine translucent types often lose color
Beryl brown or orange types may change to pale pink
Citrine may change color
Kunzite becomes pale or loses color
Rose Quartz becomes paler
Smoky Quartz becomes paler


We recommended to clean and polish the jewelry professionally, and we do offer both services here at Xomox Jewelry Inc.

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Helpful Tips

#1 Clean Jewelry After Each Use
It is recomended practice, to clean jewelry after each use. Gently wipe it with a soft cloth to remove dirt, oils and perspiration. Never use tissues or paper towels for cleaning silver, they will scratch the jewelry.

#2 Avoid Common Sources of Damage
-keep your jewelry away from the following: water, makeup, hair spray, cosmetics, perfume, etc.
-remove jewelry when cleaning – ammonia, detergents and other household chemicals will damage your jewelry.
-never wear jewelry in the swimming pool, sea or ocean – chlorine & salt will damage gemstones & metals.

#3 Keep Jewelry From Excessive Heat
In general, jewelry should be stored at room temperature. One should place jewelry away from direct sunlight during storage. Sunlight will increase the temperature of the jewelry and cause damage over time. Some metals and gemstones may even change colors or become lighter as a result of excessive heat. Some gemstones require special care in dry environments. Opals, for instance, may need to be stored in a small container of water.

Feel free to comment and share helpful tips or ideas regarding safe storage and cleaning.


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