3D Stone Scanning

      Laser scanning allows for the measurement of almost every precious gem (ranging from 0.01 to 70.00 carats) with linear accuracy of ± 20 microns (± 0.02 mm) and angular of ± 0.2 degrees. This includes but is not limited to: Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Radiant, Caboshon, Oval, Pear and Cushion cut stones.

      3D stone scanning is currently the only way to create exact digital representations of precious gems, including accurate girdle thickness, number of facets and their angles, depth and proportions. A non-invasive process, it is safe for all stones, including pearls and emeralds. It is imperative to modern CAD designing to ensure that a jewel will fit properly in any given piece of jewelry.

      We strongly encourage all stone owners to digitize their stock inventories, as well as stone dealers to build a virtual library of their gemstones so that they can send them to clients. This procedure is relatively quick and we welcome our clients to wait on site for its completion.
Stone scanning cost ranges from $15 to $35 a piece.

      Screenshots of two diamonds seen in 3D mode on both left and right, show the certain symmetry characteristics and basic average measurements of the main facets of the diamonds that have been scanned. 3D scanning allows to detect any imperfections of the stone and has proven to be a great record keeping tool for all stones.