Jewelry Restoration & Repair

Antique & Estate Jewelry Restoration

Jewelry restoration and repair services offered at Xomox Jewelry will make your valuables look like new again. Whether it’s a stone replacement, cleaning, rhodium-gold plating, high quality polishing, repair, or re-sizing – our professionals will be eager to help. We realize how emotionally attaching and sentimental any piece of jewelry can be. Jewels have been passed down through generations and each piece of jewelry carries a story that increases its significance beyond just the monetary value. Great grandmother’s diamond engagement ring or great-great grandfather’s antique watch were preserved to ensure the prosperity of you and your future family and to celebrate the love and history of your forebears. Now its your turn to cherish, preserve and pass on what has been treasured for decades. 




Stone Replacement

We stock a wide variety of stones for replacement, which vary in colors and qualities to match gems in your jewelry. We can also repair or replace the mountings or prongs so that these replacements are secure and bring your jewelry back to like-new condition. If you have stones that move, fell out, or chipped don’t hesitate to use our professional services.

Ring Resizing

Adjusting the ring size is a very common process. Sizing is most often used to increase ring size rather than decrease the size and create a snug fit, but worry not XOMOX offers both of the adjustments. Since the process of having a ring resized is best left to a professional who is familiar with jewelry and the composition of metals that are commonly used to create the settings and bodies for various types of rings, XOMOX is the right place to get it done.

Prong Replacement


before_after_ring     before_after_onering_sm

Earring Post Replacement


Custom Modification